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Moved to TUMBLR!!

Hi guys, I'm moving this entire operation over to Tumblr. I added a Disqus plugin so people over here will be able to comment should they feel like it! I'll start adding a redirect thing in a few months, but in the meantime, please click on through as this won't be updated anymore.


Erika Meza said...

I've got so many freaking accounts, I vowed I'd never succumb to tumblr as well. *sigh* guess I'll have to think about it. :(

Clio said...

You have a blogger account; you can post on the page if you want! =) I feel like Tumblr is just cleaner for visuals, y'know?

Erika Meza said...

Oh, definitely - it's totally easier for posting graphics. I'll just have you bookmarked and check it often :)
Good luck with the switch!!