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It's that time between spring and summer...

...with a lot of strange transitional clothing.  I'll have to animate Asian John Lasseter's walk someday.

OH HAY.  Here's my first Pucca Episode!!  It's a pretty bad quality camera-in-front-of-TV screen grab but thar it be.  On Youtube.



Man, there are way too many depressing forensic shows on TV.  Yesterday I was listening to Bones, then House (which is kind of blood and guts-y too), and watched part of a new show called Durham County.  It opened with brutal murders of two teenaged girls in the woods, and was filmed so creepily that I have now acquired my year's worth of Dark Mood.  The quietly whining electrical line sound they put throughout the show made me shut it off because I was about to go CRAZY.  I'll have to check out the whole thing later on.
What a bunch of downers!! To balance out the emo here is a fatty McFat unicorn.  And back to work now.
Le Day Job: The end is in sight!!  Edit: Some Blackcat action.  I think she is one of the very few superheroes to stay classic-looking.  Meaning she still wears a funny outfit.



Bleagh, taking a break from drawing vapid teenaged socialites.  Here are some ogres.  And pugs.  Oh my gosh, this pug with an afro was on a huuuuuge poster at a bus stop near work?  I missed a bus due to laughing at it for about five minutes.  God, I love pugs.  So ugly, so adorable.  And they know it.  
LOST was so freakin' awesome tonight too.


La Femme

Hey guys, Nucleus' La Femme opens this weekend, go check it out if you're in LA!  I've got these two pieces in there.
MAN I love Marguerite Sauvage.



Not much goin' on... just really, really busy until the end of the month when my job finishes!  Here are some sketches for a teen meme (gah), and below the full demon pic which I ended up not liking enough to do anything with, so it can be a space waster on the internets.  Teen meme!

Tried to rewrite Chapter 1 of Cascadia for the third time yesterday, but realized I don't have the characters' principals straight yet (there are now an extra two somewhat important secondary characters), but maybe after jolting awake last night at 3am I'd have thought of something (and remember it?  Yeah right).  My pillow is very uncomfortable.