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Some random doodles.  Can't wait until Hell's Kitchen starts up again!  I miss having the food network.  Gordon Ramsay is such a rock star and I hav beeg crush on cranky chef (I wonder if his hair is going to be higher?).  Tried to draw some other chefs too, but they didn't turn out so good.  Sorry Giada!  You are very pretty but I can't look past the million-watt smile.

This here was for a show pitch.  It's an episode about peer pressure.  Pressure to wear red pleather.  

...I cannot draw symmetrically to save my life.



Er ah.... Happy Irish Day!  Eat some champ & coddle.

PS: One of the bus drivers was dressed like this ^ today, sequined bow and all.  It was slightly startling (especially considering it was the greyest day in the world).


Monday Morning Mayhem

It certainly looks like mayhem outside!!

^The rough.

Grrnnn Blogger's not letting me upload these pics.  Will repost them later on.  This is post #100!  Woohoo!


Post #99!

^This was drawn awhile ago, but I completely messed up the watercolour painting. 

Man, I have had so many anxiety attacks lately, for no good reason, really.  It doesn't help that my bag was stolen on Saturday, along with a handful of IDs to replace.  Some hobo sitting across from me swiped my bag from underneath the table at the library; I completely didn't notice until later on (but noticed his smell).  Later on this gung-ho security guard tried to find him with me but was unsuccessful.  I went back upstairs and found him and tailed the guy, hoping that he'd pull my bag out of the two giant ones he was carrying so I could potentially make a citizen's arrest!  No luck, he just sat around scratching his shins.  The guard bumped into me in the elevator and told me someone found my bag stuffed in amongst the manga section!  Of course my wallet and kitty coin purse from Japan were gone.  I had to sneak a ride home on the skytrain (I had JUST bought this month's bus pass too), and the one time I didn't have my pass the train was crawling with cops.  Good thing they were too busy nosing some guy who was trying to haul giant boxes onto public transit.  Meh, enjoy your $35 worth of crack!  I think I'm ready hole myself up to work on a graphic novel.