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Man, sorry about the lack of posts - work has taken over lately!  But I have been going to the gym, and it's a great place for people-watching.  So many different body shapes and sizes all sweating, burning, stepping, crunching (muttering bloody murders....) towards some lofty goal.  I am one of those horribly uncoordinated people who can fall off of anything... like.... a mat.  I saw all of these people today, except for the fat guy.  He's from my imagination.

More drawings soon!


Coupla sketches

OR a metaphor for some dude who had a crush on this girl but she had this majorly jealous boyfriend.  The reason he's a gorilla was 'cause the BF was super hairy.  Later on he pushed hairy down a flight of stairs to be rid of him once and for all.



Oh man, finally finished that tiger pic I started back in... September.  Drawing the pattern helped during those mind-numbing mornings when I got up too early.  Ok, no more paisley for awhile!  ... at least not until next year (I always say that...).
Here's a close-up!
Trying out this style for a comic that's been in my head for a few years.  I picked up this fairy tale book in Tokyo with a silhouette style of illustration... it looks pretty neat, so thought I'd try it out too.  Not quite there yet, though.
Also, a year older today!  I'm officially in my late 20's.  Guh.  Happy New Year!