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Been back in Vancouver for about a week, tomorrow I'm leaving to meet up with friends in Tokyo, then to Taipei to visit relatives.  Will draw lots and lots!  My sister also gave me a haircut and colour.  It's the best haircut I've ever had, and makes me look vaguely cool!  It's so nice to have a hairdresser sibling.  Thanks, sis!



The colours in the animated section?  So, so nice.



15 Minutes of Fame

oh boy!
Originally uploaded by cliobablio.
Cartoon Network Premiere thingy for familes. I'm in the Gator costume.

Pssst...Brianne is Golly Gopher.


All Hallow's Eve

Yesterday night several friends and I went to Universal's Halloween Haunt thingy. I spent most of the time biting my knuckles...
...and trying not to pee myself. Happy All Saint's Day!

P.S. Jurassic Park is so, so, so awesome in the dark.