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The 40 Show!!

Mike Gilbert
Originally uploaded by cliobablio.
Hey guys, here are some pics from the show. It was a pretty big turnout! Mike & the owners of the store said they might have another as they are still receiving bottles. There was mad rushing around to make juice for bottles and no refreshments of malt liquor nature to be found, but all in all, pretty fun. I don't have too many photos nor all of the 40s as I got too bleary to operate a camera, but check 'em out!


never painting on glass again. ever.

Hey kids in Vansterdam, this weekend (sorry for the short notice, I only finished is The Forty Show.

^More competent bottles at the above link.

Group show at Tenforward Collective. April 20 & 21, 2007 20 Water Street., Vancouver. 8pm. Over 40 artists painting 40 oz Malt liquor bottles to protest Vancouver's termination of malt liquor sales.

Well, I don't drink the stuff myself but the hobos at work seem to like it. Here is mine that took a very long time and possibly cut half a year from my lifespan due to fumes.

Whole bottle here:



Hey guys - thanks for the well wishes on the new Pucca gig. It's fun but it's kicking my ass. Here is a painting for my dad's bday - really screwed up the colours (can't use blue....) so I cheated and twinged it a little red in Photoshop. The pencils were a lot more fun. Happy Birthday dad! He celebrates it by the Lunar calendar so every year is a surprise when it decides to pop up. Having a birthday falling anywhere between a two month span? Sneaky, sneaky.