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three minutes 'til tomorrow

Man, I just had the most infuriating Monday ever. So infuriating that it could only be remedied by drawing the classy villains from Batman. I feel like a fat lump that hadn't done any exercise for ages...

Joker I would really, really be afraid of!! Honest-to-goodness scary fella. Especially episodes involving Joker gas. The old animated series I still love to bits.

Characters from the only non-flash show being done in the studio. I like wandering down there and seeing what purdiness they're cooking up.
It is now Tuesday! I feel better already.



Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of posts, been literally drowning in work the past two months! But hopefully a bit of breathing room's coming up so I can work on my own things. Until then, here is a pitiful post. This is a card I made for a friend of mine, with some re-used birdie designs.
BLAST FROM THE PAST. Here are drawings from 2002, when I used to painter6.1 everything. Gadzeus.

Notice that the top file is called "guardian." Man, so many elves.

Interest in bloodsuckers was still pretty strong.

Still a drawing I kind of like because of that kookaburra song. I'm sure it's the one that got me into animation school.

Ok, sorry for the lameness. New stuff soon! I'm going to force myself to set away some time for drawing.