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Ok jetlag, you win.

Gah, I've been up since 5 last evening.  At least I'm getting a lot of work done!  Long time no post. Just got back from Japan and Taipei, both incredibly colourful and overwhelming places.  It was so inspiring to see so many comics and illustrations used in everyday Tokyo, and Taipei, as usual, was a giant wonderful mess of noise and chaos (and pollution...oh boy, the pollution...).  My relatives are spawning adorable little things over there, and I met a new little niece I didn't even know about!   She's almost two and can play the harmonica!  Sorta!

Didn't draw as much as I would've liked due to the craziness of each day, but I did take a lot of photos as to process them in my mind later on.  Asia is full of very, very interesting looking people...I was always trying to sneak pictures of them, heh.  

Thanks a tonne to Jason, Ray, Dove at SCAD for letting me tag along!  It was great to have such good guides alongside.  And what a bunch of lucky students; getting to go to Tokyo for classes!

Ok....onwards with some pictures, yes?  I was gonna draw a set of images about Taipei, but only one of them really turned out ok.  Maybe later...

Watch out for a lot of cuh-razy fashion drawings in the near future...

This was SUCH a pig-out session.  L-R: Sharif, Shadi, me, Amy, Kazu, and Phil

On to photos!  



Also, photos of Japan from Kazmy and Shadi!  Thanks for the fun times, guys!  =)  Happy New Year to everyone in case I forget to draw something for '08.



Been back in Vancouver for about a week, tomorrow I'm leaving to meet up with friends in Tokyo, then to Taipei to visit relatives.  Will draw lots and lots!  My sister also gave me a haircut and colour.  It's the best haircut I've ever had, and makes me look vaguely cool!  It's so nice to have a hairdresser sibling.  Thanks, sis!



The colours in the animated section?  So, so nice.



15 Minutes of Fame

oh boy!
Originally uploaded by cliobablio.
Cartoon Network Premiere thingy for familes. I'm in the Gator costume.

Pssst...Brianne is Golly Gopher.


All Hallow's Eve

Yesterday night several friends and I went to Universal's Halloween Haunt thingy. I spent most of the time biting my knuckles...
...and trying not to pee myself. Happy All Saint's Day!

P.S. Jurassic Park is so, so, so awesome in the dark.


Flat Face

Did I not draw this already? It seemed funnier at the time. Imagine this thing trying to eat... he could only eat Cheerios....Impala-flavoured Cheerios. I guess a lion would work better but I like tigers more. Duh.

Gah, look at this thing!!


Girly Girls

That last one looks like Twiggy... I saw those boots somewhere, they are incredibly cute.



I am at Cartoon Network for a bit, and they have all-you-can-snack-on Goldfish crackers.
I am going to get so fat.



Some progress shots since I have been very randomly working on this at a snail's pace. I have managed to get back from the airport and not get lost!! Still, I don't want to drive long distances again for a very, very long time. Geez, LA.


Girls and Tigers

....again! If it's not girls or tigers or girls and tigers it's some mish-mash of the two. I seem to be on some sort of Indian kick. I want to draw another paisley tiger. And maybe a paisley elephant. And some very detailed flora.

Those pants are so funny. Not much else to report... I updated my site a bit with board samples and a resume, started looking for work in the area so that I remain longer!


Hey hey hey Septemberrrrrr!

It's all choco-latey. Here are close-ups of my favourite bits:

Ooch, the compression is quite terrible.

Oh yeah, I saw a license plate that said "LOLORZZ" yesterday.


The "eyes of the torso..." Kazu called them. Painting class is great! I'm so happy to have a chance at learning oils properly. Anyway, this looked better last night while I was still on the high of being able to do such a thing.

So... LA is good! I haven't been terribly motivated to do anything, but these past two weeks visited Dreamworks & Nickelodeon studios. Dreamworks is like some campus or something, made me sleepy. Maybe it was the giant koi in a very zen pond.... The Nick building is like some experiment in CRAZY. Green-tiled stairs that look like they belong in a swimming pool, curvy couches, popcorn machine, and... and... stairs shaped like slime. A big thanks to Brianne, Martin, Denise, Alina, Steve, and a huuuuuuge thanks to Mr. Chris Battle for lunch and a wonderful tour of the place. That tour was so good you should charge for it, dude.

Anyhoo, I'm trying to board out a film I've been wanting to do, I should start posting things from that to stay motivated. It's hard to stay focused with the heat... you walk outside and feel like a turkey in the oven. Ok, off with the whining and on to the working! Gotta get some cartoons up here soon.


Book's ready!

It is the nicest book-type thing I have made so far. The reason for the title is on the back. Click the picture or here!

Deathly Hallows made me all sniffly. =(

EDIT: September 20: I'm all out of them myself, but the books are available through Gallery Nucleus and soon through


Comic-con and So Cal

Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of posts. I'm having a hell of a time settling into So Cal just because there are too many people I want to hang out with, and that the heat is seriously disrupting my sleep patterns. Comic-con was massive and insaner (how is that possible?) than the last time I went three years ago. So, as a result, it's taking me longer to recover. Going to Six Flags yesterday didn't help much - I had a fantastic time but my body is aching in protest, haha. It took so much energy just to crawl out of bed this morni...afternoon.

Well, if you poke about my Flickr page a bit you can see pictures of the roadtrip, comic-con (linked above), and the general hang-out quality here at studio Amzu's. It was great to see some people again at the con and meet new artists I've always admired....Paul Briggs, Martin Hsu, Brianne Drouhard, Bill Presing, Chris Sanders, Amy Mebberson, Steph Laberis, Scott Morse, Deanna Marsigliese, Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera, John Nevarez, Israel Sanchez, Richard Pose... man, sorry if I missed anyone, or missed them at the booth.... it was a little crazy at the Flight booth and there were times where I withdrew to the restroom and kind of fell asleep while washing my hands (or elsewhere in the restroom... where ever your thoughts find most amusing).

Getting used to a new place is hard, especially with the size and scope of LA. I've gotten horribly lost once, and it was dark at night. I'm also trying not to become too accustomed to anything because they take a lot of will to maintain. Whereas I'd just hop on the skytrain and buy my art supplies in tiny insignificant amounts in Vancouver, here I'd have to make all my decisions beforehand and get them all in one go, since the drive takes so long. Plus getting lost. And the heat. But naturally if I practice at it more it shouldn't be so bad.



Heeey, it's that time of year again! I'll be at the Flight/Nucleus booth #1128, which will have several copies of all of the Flights, as well as my sketchbook. I'm not entirely sure I can remember all the booth numbers of the people I want to visit, so you can bet on getting enough exercise just walking the miles and miles worth of art and comics. The sketchbook looks pretty all right, here are some pics I took of my one proof back when I was still in Vansterdam. The back cover is pretty funny, I think (it's a spread)... come by and take a look!

If you're not traveling yet and reading this, post your booth number!! See you there!


In a town called 'Buttonwillow'

...compromised of four gas stations, two restaurants, a plethora of fast food places, and cheap motels for chumps who are too tired to drive the two hours to LA.

We don't have Carl's Jr. in Canada....Probably because they drown everything in sauce.

Drove all the way from Roseburg, OR to Buttonwillow, CA today!! That's 664 miles!! And we did it less than Mapquest's appointed 10hrs. Crazy.


Pottermania in Portland

Powell Book's Potter block party! I couldn't stay to get a copy of the book. It's 2:46am and we drove through pitch black mountainous road to Roseburg (and baaaarely found a place to crash). It was like driving through space.


My one and only encounter with Transformers

Speaking of comics, Flight 4 is out next Tuesday! You can see a bit of my portion heah.


Now with 100% more MOON.

Chubby & Yoni are from the brain of Jayson Thiessen! Happy Canada day! Ratatouille was amazing, eh??


June almost over??

Yikes, I can't believe the month is almost over and I only posted once. It seems (to me) like I had posted more. Anyway, here's a bit of a remedy to the situation! I've updated my website with a new format (with spiffy lightbox!) and some new art. "Biffany vs. The Frog People" I did to try and get back into painting (a little ambitious), and the lower one is for the Nucleus Ninja Show.

Helluvalot of things wrong with it, but I like that glaring splash of red on the frog.
Completely inspired by Rashomon. This turned out muddier than I would have liked, so maybe... if you squint really hard they look like forest. Speaking of painting, I'm moving to LA at the end of July for a few months to take some courses at LAAFA. I think it'll be great to discover some new ways of seeing and re-learn how to draw. Also, I want to meet the hundreds of you that are down there! Let me know if you're up for showing a Canadian your respite from the Californian sun, and where all you sketchcrawlers/groups are at. This looks super fun to attend, we don't have anything of the sort in Vancouver.

Anyhoo, the good thing about June ending? Ratatouille's out in four days!

Oh, I almost forgot. Here are some spots I did for Shojo Beat's July issue. Should be out about now. It's very candy-coloured.

They grafted their titles onto the books, which is why they're blank here. I haven't seen a print copy of it yet!