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Happy Holidaaays!

I have finally conceded that the world is out to prevent me from ever printing holiday cards, no matter how organized I try to be. So! Here it is! Have an awesome holiday, everyone - I know I'm very looking forward to shutting my brain off for awhile.


Al Hirschfeld..........The Line King

Had to post this - one of my heroes drawing at 99 years of age! It's pretty cute how he wants to finish the picture with his wife barking at him to stop, haha. So damn amazing.


trying to keep up - bloggin' after work

Man, good thing most of the snow has been rained off in Vancouver. Any longer and we would've looked like this:


waitin' for my turn to rent 2046

Making a quick post of this just in case I screw up the painting (and now that I've done so, I most likely will!). It'll probably be a month before I get to paint it. Wahboowhine. Will have to fix some linework on it too.