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SO. I finally grow the guts to watch this movie and..... it's not very scary. I don't know what I was expecting, really, but it was so hard to follow, plus I had quite a bit of trouble telling one skinny pretty Japanese lady from another (buh? I thought she just died? What?). Maybe the English version's scarier with the snazzy graphics and black, glazed eyes. The only movie that's managed to scare the bejeezus out of me recently is the original version of Dark Water. The no-sleeping-for-three-days-and-in- short-intervals-with-the -lights-on kind of scary. It works so well because you hardly ever see the ghost, just the tangible things it leaves behind. And ceiling stains are just plain eerie. Anyway.... long, black stringy hair is suddenly the new Scary Thing? Don't look at my drain. You'd die. *crooooooooooooak*

I'm using Bloglines and I still can't keep up with the hundred or so blogs I follow. Sigh.



*edit: I lied. THIS is going to be the cover. Try to imagnie it on hot pink cardstock. Didn't do that for online because it'd burn peoples' eyes out. The other one has been demoted to Table of Contents (and changed slightly).

Mini is done! Just need to arrange the pages now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canuckers! My family had ours last evening - I made these and those. They were pretty good, especially the root veggies.


more random

Blargh. Lost a lot of spontaneity lately, so I'm trying not to obsess so much over...something, and just get back to the fun fugly scribbly things I used to do. Anyway... more fishies!

This was done some time ago... wanted to draw a few things about the opera, still might do that....

This guy I saw on the way to work - he looked like he was about to step on someone's foot. Perhaps a child's. This is such a nice area.


still can't draw Flounder....

Thought I'd scribble a pic for the re-release of the film that got me into this whole mess!

Y'know, I think these two have nice colour design - they're so recognizable you're able to see them when they flash by, doesn't matter what shade her skin tone is at a given moment.