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That Bastard

This might be super dark. I'll have to check on my work computer tomorrow. I have no clue how to calibrate screens... any ideas out there?


sarah said...

This doesn't look too dark, at least for me. :) Me and screen calibration don't get along well either. I paint stuff on my cintiq, think it's all pretty, then slide it over to my laptop screen and it somehow transforms into an entirely different painting. Bleh.

Courtney Pearson said...

Looks great on my screen! ^^

I have the same problem that Sarah has when I work on my cintiq at home. The silly thing is, is that it seems whenever I try to calibrate my cintiq and monitor, only one of the two wants to be fixed! Why can't they both just get along at the same time?

I've kind of given up now. I just check every so often between the two while I'm painting and hopefully I end up somewhere in the middle! Ha ha! ^^