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Warning: Girly Post

Some of you may find this information helpful. Or not. I'm just on a kick right now, so bear with me.

Ok, so, growing up I always had the worst skin ever. If it wasn't breakouts, then eczema promised to ravage my hands and destroy all my knuckles. Whenever I travel to a different climate my skin protests furiously and takes it's sweet goddang time recovering once I get home. Moving to LA has completely chapped me out, and I tried a billion different things to no avail. The lady over at Daily Coyote, who now writes a wonderful, escapist new blog called Honey Rock Dawn, recently blogged about some oils she uses that are good for your body and good for the environment! I started using them a couple weeks ago and now my cheeks are smooth as a baby's bottom, nose is not flaking off, and oil production has been controlled. The kukui nut oil has calmed down the eczema and I don't have to buy bottles of that super expensive Aveeno stuff (which is probably full of chemicals anyway). They're so much cheaper and you feel spoiled in the process. Plus you can pour them into little amber glass bottles and blend with essential oils, feeling like a fuggin' wizard in the process. If you're having problems with your skin, maybe you can try her advice. You can find most of the oils at a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. I ordered a bunch of stuff from the place she recommended, Mountain Rose Herbs.

...The only problem is now I keep touching myself.


Naked Valentines!

The finished cards! These were so damn fun to make, despite ruining two screens and having to register every. single. card. GAH. But they were worth it! If you'd like one, they are debuting on my new Etsy store!



I recently got a used Gocco printer off Ebay. It is a TONNE of fun.


Taken a beating

Ya'll need to see The King's Speech. It is full of gorgeous photography, and it's nice to see Geoffrey Rush as something other than a pirate ;P


Some more charming NY

Yoppers. Today starts my last year as a 20-something year old! Wow! Dang! I don't know if I can blow out that many candles! Fire!! Birthday calories don't count.