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Moved to TUMBLR!!

Hi guys, I'm moving this entire operation over to Tumblr. I added a Disqus plugin so people over here will be able to comment should they feel like it! I'll start adding a redirect thing in a few months, but in the meantime, please click on through as this won't be updated anymore.


Malibu, Leo Carrillo beach

Finally a beautiful not-too-hot weekend! Take a look:



Also a bit of a website update! I went back to lightbox since the other format was driving me cuh-RAZY.




Man, what's with all the mushy stuff lately? I promise the next drawing will have MURDER.

(well, maybe not....)




For INTERESTING artwork, check out Joe's postcard for the show he's been designing on, Gravity Falls! It's looking fantastic, if I do say so myself. Nepotism aside.

Sorry for the lack of posts, we're moving earlier than anticipated!


Winnie the Pooh is out!!!

Winnie da POOOOOH!

Hey everyone! Winnie the Pooh is out today! Here's a little gif from a part of the Honeydream sequence I boarded, where Pooh is trippin' out. Go see it!!!! Also stay for after the credits, otherwise you might miss something! ;)


I know you guys are as excited as I am about a movie based on a beloved British children's book coming out on Friday, right?



In any case, here's a link to an interview from my old local paper and Joe has some awesome Backson designs up on his blog! Wheee!!


Jungle Sketch

Sorry for the lameness. I am apartment-hunting and it's stressful! You may not hear from me this weekend. Thank goodness, eh??


Happy Fourth!!!

Also happy two years to my favourite American ;)




I am going to attempt posting every day this month. Yell at me if I don't, will ya?

Also I'm starting to mirror this blog on a Tumblr. That's all. Get out and eat cake!


Chomp n' Chew

Burger girls for Q Pop's Ham Ba Ga show this Saturday! If you're in LA you should come and check it out. It's a fun gallery and Pie n' Burger will have a truck there!!!


That Bastard

This might be super dark. I'll have to check on my work computer tomorrow. I have no clue how to calibrate screens... any ideas out there?



So one night Thriller was playing with a paper bag, as usual. However, this particular paper bag had handles on it. He managed to get his head through one of the handles, and then his front paws and most of his belly through the other, leaving him very, very tied up to the thing. In a moment of pure fear and panic, he started RACING around the apartment, paper bag clattering around like crazy, trying to get it away from him. It basically looked like a paper bag running around the apartment; he was a blur. Our normally mild-mannered girl cat, Toots, was furiously chasing right on his heels, either screaming at the bag or at him for being stupid and getting stuck. Joe finally caught the maniac bag cat and removed the noisemaker for him. Thriller sulked into a bedroom, eyes darting, ears flattened and looking ashamed while Toots was still yowling at him for being a dipshit. And now you know about what the cats did.

Cat stories are not entertaining to anyone but their owners, usually. I swear it was hilarious. In my mind.


Guys. I have to tell you about my stupid furry roommates... Later.



I had a really weird dream last night....


Tanuki & Kitsune

Two little drawings for a studio auction for Japan.


Blurry Blur

This one wrinkled as all get out so you get a blurry photo of it. Uhm.... if I try and force myself to doodle something everyday maybe I can get back in that habit again? Perhaps....


Weird Girl drawings

Ugh. Hate how I've been drawing lately. Need to get back into drawing for myself.

Also a defiant teenager arrested at an Urban Outfitters over the weekend. She was glaring at people while being escorted out.



...the little darlings just don't wipe themselves off enough.


Waiting for Thai food...

By the by, ya'll should check out Joe Pitt's new blog! He recently relaunched it. This lovely caricature of yours truly is by heem:



Website update!!!

Hey guys! I've updated my website! Finally, eh? Only three years ago.... Now the newer stuff will be easier for me to post. Oh! And have a song assignment from two years ago....


Warning: Girly Post

Some of you may find this information helpful. Or not. I'm just on a kick right now, so bear with me.

Ok, so, growing up I always had the worst skin ever. If it wasn't breakouts, then eczema promised to ravage my hands and destroy all my knuckles. Whenever I travel to a different climate my skin protests furiously and takes it's sweet goddang time recovering once I get home. Moving to LA has completely chapped me out, and I tried a billion different things to no avail. The lady over at Daily Coyote, who now writes a wonderful, escapist new blog called Honey Rock Dawn, recently blogged about some oils she uses that are good for your body and good for the environment! I started using them a couple weeks ago and now my cheeks are smooth as a baby's bottom, nose is not flaking off, and oil production has been controlled. The kukui nut oil has calmed down the eczema and I don't have to buy bottles of that super expensive Aveeno stuff (which is probably full of chemicals anyway). They're so much cheaper and you feel spoiled in the process. Plus you can pour them into little amber glass bottles and blend with essential oils, feeling like a fuggin' wizard in the process. If you're having problems with your skin, maybe you can try her advice. You can find most of the oils at a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. I ordered a bunch of stuff from the place she recommended, Mountain Rose Herbs.

...The only problem is now I keep touching myself.


Naked Valentines!

The finished cards! These were so damn fun to make, despite ruining two screens and having to register every. single. card. GAH. But they were worth it! If you'd like one, they are debuting on my new Etsy store!



I recently got a used Gocco printer off Ebay. It is a TONNE of fun.


Taken a beating

Ya'll need to see The King's Speech. It is full of gorgeous photography, and it's nice to see Geoffrey Rush as something other than a pirate ;P


Some more charming NY

Yoppers. Today starts my last year as a 20-something year old! Wow! Dang! I don't know if I can blow out that many candles! Fire!! Birthday calories don't count.