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A few more

I saw this girl with the best jegging-legs-in boots ever, and wondered to myself, what does this skinny hotness look like up top, and then noticed the beard. Still, nice stems, though.

New Yorkers are very brave. It was maaaybe 27F at most out there nights.


Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays everyone!! Joe got me a little letterpress machine for Xmas so I made a card out of it. Was fun!! And labour-intensive...
And boy, do I have some New York stories for you guys when I get back!



Feeling very unmotivated today. Bleh bleh bleh.

Loosen uuuuuuuup

What are people using these days? Tumblr? Is Blogger too old-fogey?


Super Big Micro Gallery Show!

Hey guys! This is opening tomorrow! Check it out if you're in the LA area, runs until Jan 4.

I've got two girly pieces in there as well if you're into that sort of thing.


No Solicitations!!!

And here's the third of the series. If you're in LA Dec. 11-Jan4, come and check it out! Super Big Micro Gallery Show Gallery Nucleus