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Che + Terrier??

Saw these two on the way to work yesterday.... the guy was really grumpy! His dog was really happy. I was just plain confused.

Also, Gallery Nucleus has made nice prints of The Caucus Race! Head on over there if any of ya'll like a copy. You can find this frame at Michael's, by the by.


Alex said...

Aw, lovely! I have two scotties so I find this completely accurate, I love your depiction of the little bouncy walk. Also, I love how you saw that man like that. Did he really have rollerblades? My god XD

Ryan Green said...

Do they give you inline skates in prison these days?

chengwhich said...

haha, sweet drawing.

Mattias said...

Wonderful sketches

Abz said...

very well done! ;)

drop by!