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A few more

I saw this girl with the best jegging-legs-in boots ever, and wondered to myself, what does this skinny hotness look like up top, and then noticed the beard. Still, nice stems, though.

New Yorkers are very brave. It was maaaybe 27F at most out there nights.


Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays everyone!! Joe got me a little letterpress machine for Xmas so I made a card out of it. Was fun!! And labour-intensive...
And boy, do I have some New York stories for you guys when I get back!



Feeling very unmotivated today. Bleh bleh bleh.

Loosen uuuuuuuup

What are people using these days? Tumblr? Is Blogger too old-fogey?


Super Big Micro Gallery Show!

Hey guys! This is opening tomorrow! Check it out if you're in the LA area, runs until Jan 4.

I've got two girly pieces in there as well if you're into that sort of thing.


No Solicitations!!!

And here's the third of the series. If you're in LA Dec. 11-Jan4, come and check it out! Super Big Micro Gallery Show Gallery Nucleus


Winnie the Pooh

Hey guys, here's trailer for the movie I've been working on the past year and a half. Can't believe "blaggity bloo" made it into the movie, much less the trailer. *facepalm* Watch it on Youtube....the backgrounds are pretty.


Mowgli & Bagheera

Finished piece for a charity show at work. Originally anticipated to be a 12x12" piece but I decided to keep the bleed on the edges (looks a little awkward but eh well....) Here it is in the frame:


Jungle Book WIP II

More WIP, the original sketches. First they were on the ground... but then, why not make them up in a tree? Duh.


Too Hot Juicy Thighs

100F+ weather really makes me wish it was winter right now... I'll even take APPROACHING winter.

So I was at this Chick-fil-A on the weekend where a bunch of teenagers were hanging out. I don't know if it was that community in particular, but all of the girls had these strange figures... They started out petite up top, just a slight wideness in the hips, and then BAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNN thighs that looked like over-watered succulents on the bottom. The short-shorts probably didn't help. I was most likely jealous that I wasn't a juicy-thighed teenager in short shorts. Anyway, the chicken was good.



Thought I'd edit my blog template. I still have to update my tonnes of links.... so nice to have things do that for you automagically! Forgive the slow link updates....



Walt Disney World

I recently took a trip to Walt Disney World. We had to stand behind some interesting teenagers on the Everest ride.


Che + Terrier??

Saw these two on the way to work yesterday.... the guy was really grumpy! His dog was really happy. I was just plain confused.

Also, Gallery Nucleus has made nice prints of The Caucus Race! Head on over there if any of ya'll like a copy. You can find this frame at Michael's, by the by.


The Caucus Race

Yeesh! Long time no post. I'll post this once I get a proper scan for it.... for an Alice in Wonderland show coming up at Gallery Nucleus... Ignore the reflection in the glass... ignore... Birds are so, SO difficult to draw.... I usually draw them like this:

*edit* Here we are! Colours look terrible on this scan....sorry.