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Frog opens today!!

Hey guys, Princess & the Frog opens today! Go and see it if you can! I saw this being made towards the tail end of storyboarding all the way through to the end - and let me tell you, it was a huge group of tireless and passionate people working on this film. Joe Pitt, along with the amazing Lorelay Bove, designed and put together the end credits for the film. I love the colour choices and it feels just like home-cooked food for the eyes, y'know?

Finally, here's a little piece for Disney's micro gallery show. I'm headed back home to Vancouver soon for the Holidays, and hope you all have a good one.



Yikes, I'm embarrassed at how long it's taken me to post. I haven't drawn anything for myself for that long. Anyway, a little piece for Halloween! Remember to brush your teef!


Seductive Espionage

Oh hey guys. This is so last minute but I forgot to mention, come on out and check out the Yuki7 show later today at Gallery Nucleus! Red will be there, will YOU?


Red again

Went to Nucleus' Bob Peak Exhibit... I'm totally inspired to pick up paints again! Of course once I try it's a disaster, so digital for now. Gotta figure out how to paint limbs and... everything. I'll fix this later.



A doodle from my comic's blog that I particularly liked! Bweeeeeeee.



Blue Ladies


Worst invention ever made by man-kind. Ever.

Doodlie-oo. Not sure what was going on here, it was drawn a long time ago. I must try and post something every week otherwise I don't draw for myself anymore.


Sketch vomits

I have not sketched in a long time! For shame. Hand is very uncooperative.


Katniss & Gale

MOAAAAAAAAAAAR. I just might do a whole bunch of these; I love that book so much. It's like Harry Potter but for gladiators.

Katniss Everdeen


Productive art day! Here are some ladies to finish it. I think I am done with the stamp-y signature. Can't even read it!

Main & Hastings

Y'all ready for the 2010 Winter Olympics? These guys aren't!


This salad has gone rotten.

Hum haw huuum haaaw hum hawww errrr my neighbor needs to SHUUUUUUUUUUUUUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me too me too

I wanted to draw her too. Also procrastinating. She gonna strangle yo' punk ass. Wonder Woman can fly, right?

PS: Vicky I like yours better.



More of that blasted comic. I just finished reading "Y: The Last Man" today and my mind has been blown. It's an incredible story and it has the perfect sort of bittersweet ending I love..drawings are great too - very realistic but the expressions are great. I've never read a comic that gave me have a heartache and made me wibble but this one sure did. Real bad. Maybe I'm just a pansy. Anyway, it completely inspired me to up the stakes in my own story, and go back to a sort of organic look for them, which I'm more comfortable with anyway. Love all the textures going on in that book, highly recommended!!! The story's done so there's no fear of being left at a cliffhanger. If you liked Children of Men this would be right up your alley... And it's being made into a movie. Please don't screw it up, movie.


Jacob trouble again...

ps: Happy New Year! I did in fact make it home...and back again.