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Don't think I ever drew her! That movie was so purple.

Also I am a bit stressed out.


potato farm girl said...

Kitties on butt! Kitties on butt!
Jasmine is fun to draw, she is kinda of a skank. You should draw her tiger too! It will release stress!

Justin said...

ditto on the stress.


Chris Battle said...

"That movie was so purple."

heh :)

Giuseppe Ferrario said...

I like The color and the line of Jasmine!

Ryan Green said...

Yeah...I'm likin' that thin, wirey linework on Jasmine.

And letting cats dance on your butt can be stressful, can't it?

Jocelan Thiessen said...

i love the kittties !!!
at least christmas break is coming soon..

Zorilita said...

Very fun image with the kitties!

victoriaying said...

sexy sexy jasmine!

Hammy said...

Love how loose your lines are yet so beautiful it is. ^^