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Home for the holidays???

My stupid flight this morning got cancelled and I STILL don't know whether the next one will be on or not. I also have to wait a stupid 40min to get an operator on the phone. Stupid winter!!! I'm probably not going to do this again.


Motley said...

Aww ducky, I hope you make it!


potato farm girl said...

My ten years living in LA, this is the first time this many flights up north have been cancelled during the holidays. It sucks now, but don't let it deter you from trying next year! If you can't fly out, I probably won't be able too either. <:(

Redfern Photography said...

I share your pain, Clio, I am trying to fly my Dad out of Vancouver, the first flight was cancelled so I had to book another. It's very stupid in Vancouver right now and being glued to the flight tracker and phone is no way to spend a holiday. I hope yours looks up soon!

the doodlers said...

Oye. Great sketch- Hope ya made it! Happy holidays too, that's a very sweet greeting image below.

Nab-Bisco said...

Well worth the effort. It was greatly appreciated from all your friends here. I'm sure your family feels the same. Your drawing is really exciting when you draw in anger.