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Forgot what all my brushes and tool presets did so here is some practice to get back into digital drawing.


potato farm girl said...

Yay! Sassy Tinkerbell! We should have Tinkerbell drawing night tomorrow!!!!

Clio said...

I will give you a call!!

grantbond said...

i dig the textures. very nice work.

LFW said...

that is the damn sexiest tinkerbell I have seen, is that wrong?

great work, I wish I could join you in your tinkerbell scribblings

cheers to you


Kanarthi said...

I'm not even exactly sure what the first picture shows, but I really love it. I nabbed it for a desktop background - is that okay?

elephantmarchblog said...

Charming as always. Selective to.

Sorrentino said...

TINKER BELL IS AMAZING! great rendition of the character

Anonymous said...