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Some Hitchcock Girls

Can't sleep birds will eat me (man was that a goofy movie or what?? It started out so promising too!) Sorry I totally butchered you, Ms. Kelly.

I'm kind of worried that listening to the real Sarah Palin will ruin all the thoroughly enjoyable farce. Nevermind. She's pretty hilarious on her own. The Canadian federal election is about as interesting as sour laundry.


Randeep Katari said...

Nice work!

Nick Dellhall said...

You should draw the Psycho shower scene. That would be fun.

The SNL Palin is even better than the real life one... :P

Anne-arky said...

Yay! You're updating again!

And real life Sarah Palin is pretty terrifying. When your SNL skit involes paraphrasing reality word for word, you KNOW things are bad...;)