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Hillcrest Park

Oh hey apparently I can post these! Here are screenshots from my show's little promo thing made at Studio B Productions. There's the possibility of video being posted if/once this finds a parent network, but until then just vague details. The project was animated in Flash (sometimes traditionally in the case of the monster), and everything was composited in Toon Boom's Digital Pro. I am quite proud of the very subtle colour changes to indicate danger - not entirely obvious but enough to move it out of the more friendly tone. I love crap like that ;P


Some Hitchcock Girls

Can't sleep birds will eat me (man was that a goofy movie or what?? It started out so promising too!) Sorry I totally butchered you, Ms. Kelly.

I'm kind of worried that listening to the real Sarah Palin will ruin all the thoroughly enjoyable farce. Nevermind. She's pretty hilarious on her own. The Canadian federal election is about as interesting as sour laundry.


old western

I am being lame and posting an old pic from last year because this blog is woefully neglected. The last month or so I've been working on a promo for my own show, which turned out great. I'm really happy with it however I'll never be able to post it online (boooo). Anyway, directing was a little stressful and I don't know how people do it if it's not on something they love (at least a little). Many many thanks to Jayson Thiessen for the guidance and wallowing in tiny-room nausea right alongside me for the whole thing. Here's a little promo image I had initially made for it; the characters look kind of different now:
We managed to retain that textured background look which is great, plus there's an abundant use of multi-plane camera to make the whole thing a little cooler.

Anyway, in other news I'll be starting as a story intern at Disney next month!! I'm SUPER excited about that and grateful too, since they got me hooked on this stuff in the first place. I'm also going to go and stalk all my idols.... muhahahhahaa. Ok, hopefully some new drawings soon, but I've been mostly packing and recovering from damage that month-long run of no sleep and bad take-out food did! Or maybe I'm just narcoleptic. Yeah that's probably it.

Ok! Can't wait to see all the Cali folks again! =D (It's just starting becoming bloody cold here too).