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candy pink

Flash crashed. I drew this chick based on an enormously large woman with powder pink and cornsilk hair (both colours a little fried due to the peroxide but two of my favorites together). She was quite a sight to behold. I also saw some cute pink girl boxers so I threw those on her too.  Sometimes drawing those items that push your gluttonous consumerist buttons are satisfying enough (and easier on your wallet).  Like shoes and such.  You ever draw some food item that looks so good you just have to have it for dinner?  That tends to happen to me if I draw fancy hot dogs or noodles.  Whoa, tangent!
Shorts + Uggs = Ugh.
Some show development stuff!
Maybe I should go to bed. The symbols don't make sense anymore.  Sorry for the lameness, got no time fer nuthin' these days.


Joern said...

Beautiful pink girl. I like the facial expression very much.
But what does the guy with the pan do in the woods? Waiting for a boar jumping in?

Amy said...

Uggs worn with ANYTHING and anywhere other than your sweats just to take the trash out = ugh.

Jocelan Thiessen said...

aww kitty pillow! this one taste like cotton candy to my eyes!

i think the second girl is at every bus stop in vancouver!

Joanna said...

Furry knee-high boots in the summertime....what a baffling fashion trend. At least it inspired a wonderful drawing. :)

Jeff Merritt said...

Really like the bg colouring, nicely stylized, cant wait to see it all together :)