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summer folk

I saw that.

They match!

I wonder if he fed the kids.


Rococo Flow said...

Man, I always notice guys doing that!! I'll look at their face and it'll be totally focused on something else.

And I love the third pic. Those kids are way too adorable.

LFW said...


it is indeed a strange zoo that we all live in. i'm sure the benevolent aliens are just staring at us now and going "how primitive"

excellent drawings, also world's greatest dad in the last one is sooo funny



George Cwirko-Godycki said...

wow, great great drawings!

Nick Dellhall said...

interesting collection... the second one reminds me of those fido commercials.

hey are you EVER in town?

Chris Battle said...

That guy in the last pic also took the toy from the Happy Meal!

PS: Did I see your KFP illustrations on a Leapfrog commercial?

Kristina Bustamante said...

The last sketch cracks me up. He looks so bored. I hope he fed those kids, haha!

elephantmarchblog said...

Caught dead to right (top one).

Martin Hsu said...

wonderful sketches as always, Clio! What the hell have you been up to? Hope is well with ya, girl!

Craig Mackay said...

Ha ha HA ha! These cracked me up! I'd love to see a book of your real-life observations.

flaviano said...

how much is lovely your art? a lot!
the little tigres animation is sooo sweet and soooooo funny!

chrisallison said...

Hahaha, awesome vignette drawings. Each one is a complete story and hilarious. I really liked your quick animation too! Super cute and oozing with personality. Let's see more!!!