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summer folk

I saw that.

They match!

I wonder if he fed the kids.


Squishy leetle animals.

How awesome was Kung Fu Panda? Such a cute movie, and it inspired me to try some animation. The 2D bookends were amazing, and I could easily watch two hours of it in that style. I haven't animated in a long time but it's fun if it's squishy animals. Would've liked to have cleaned this up and mimic the rendering in the movie, but it's not that great and there are a billion other things I have to do first. =( Sigh.

My favourite characters in the movie were definitely Shifu and Oogway (AND the duck dad). Oh man, the ears!  The tongue! The old man jitters! XD  I also liked how the Tigress didn't depend on size of mammaries or a certain shape to read as feminine (like... real animals!!! What a novel idea!), instead it was the way she stood or acted.  It can be done without giving the animal an hourglass figure and the ever-important seductive eyes!!

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Oh man, I can't wait to see this movie tonight!!  Here's some fanart already.  Actually, it was my test for a Leapfrog book that is probably out right about now... at your local Toys R' Us, apparently!  My parents and I had tried to look for it in Chapters but they don't carry Leapfrog books.  Before knowing this my dad picked the ugliest, most garish Panda spin-off he could find and said (not even kidding), "Hey look I found your book!"  Mom replied, "That's not it!"  Thanks for actually trying, mom!!  In any case, the test image is definitely more inspired than the actual cover.  *cough*  A friend and I saw some of this in storyboard form when we visited Dreamworks, and I'm really looking forward to how it turned out.  The boards were effin' amazing, too.  Can't wait!!