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Bleagh, taking a break from drawing vapid teenaged socialites.  Here are some ogres.  And pugs.  Oh my gosh, this pug with an afro was on a huuuuuge poster at a bus stop near work?  I missed a bus due to laughing at it for about five minutes.  God, I love pugs.  So ugly, so adorable.  And they know it.  
LOST was so freakin' awesome tonight too.


Skim said...

Hehe, LOVE that pug.

the doodlers said...

Ya the pug is funny. And wowsers what solid drawings. Lush stuff.

Craig Mackay said...

Love the Bactrian Pug and the exposed-brain cat! Very fun sketches!

Disco Vear said...

I love the pug in the picture so damn much! I mean awesome sketch all around, but the pug... sheesh