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La Femme

Hey guys, Nucleus' La Femme opens this weekend, go check it out if you're in LA!  I've got these two pieces in there.
MAN I love Marguerite Sauvage.


Matt said...

May 10th to June 3rd? I might actually be able to make this show. You're pieces are beautiful by the way. I love going to one blog and seeing both fun little cartoons and beautiful finished gallery art. It's rare and it's lovely. Cheers.

Wood said...

Hmmm... "cherchez la femme !"

potato farm girl said...

I'm going to go see your stuff in person next week! I saw some of Marguerite's prints there last time I visited. They are beautiful!

Clio said...

Thanks, guys!

Awww, you attend the heck out of that show, Brianne. Wish I could be there!

Craig Mackay said...

Congrats on the show, Clio. And congrats on selling the centaur piece as well.