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Not much goin' on... just really, really busy until the end of the month when my job finishes!  Here are some sketches for a teen meme (gah), and below the full demon pic which I ended up not liking enough to do anything with, so it can be a space waster on the internets.  Teen meme!

Tried to rewrite Chapter 1 of Cascadia for the third time yesterday, but realized I don't have the characters' principals straight yet (there are now an extra two somewhat important secondary characters), but maybe after jolting awake last night at 3am I'd have thought of something (and remember it?  Yeah right).  My pillow is very uncomfortable.


veve said...

owww this is so funny! lol
I also think my younger self would have nice comments on how I've turnde out!!

I say keep buying as much berries as you want!The trick with straberries is to freeze some of them. So you can use them when you're ready to make a nice cool straberry milkshake in the morning. No waste!

Amy said...

Hey, fellow strawberry pig. I am full of shame... *hangs head*

LFW said...

Hey Miz clio! I like what your doing with yer altered style here, pretty damn awsome.

Also, i have that trouble with strawberries, but instead I buy too many rasberries, ha ha


Octav Ungureanu said...

great confruntation between you and your younger self. i think i'll steal your ideea! :) (my birtyhday is coming up!

please check out my blog:

ridd1 said...

holy. that last dragon/horse thing holding the nekkid lady is AWESOME!

Joe said...

That demon image is SO GOOD. I would hang it on my wall.


joonasjoonas said...

Wow, that's the best thing I've seen in a while. And it's fun to see people drawing their teenageselves. There are so many posts.

Chris Battle said...

Ha Ha-- that teen self meme has been going around!

Hopefully we're all cooler, more stylish DORKS nowadays.