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Cascadia doodlies again

I've realized that some of the super antagonists in the story are female @_O.... I don't know if that implies anything, heh.  But there are major good girls, too... they just never have as much fun.  Pixelated guy's head is someone that is too ugly.

Man, I've been re-writing so much of this, and drawing, drawing, drawing the characters over and over.  Still don't have a handle on these designs, but maybe with more practice.  They're getting a little closer to how I want the comic to look - more streamlined and modern.  Hey, does anyone know why screentones go haywire when you shrink down the image size?  Do you actually have to tone them at the size you're going to post them?

Anyway, it's already a lot more solid, story-wise (the first half anyway).  It starts with murder and not some pukey narration by an old guy.  

Finally, male soufflé:


Ryan Green said...

I hope pixelated guy makes a cameo in your comic...possibly standing in the back of a crowd scene. The rest looks great. Don't spend too long noodling everything. I wanna see page 1 soon.

Amy said...

Yeah, if you try to resize some ziptones they will sometimes form moire patterns. It depends on the tone.

I've made smaller jpegs of my graphic novel pages and they've looked fine, probably because I use solid greys for shading rather than the graded dot tones.
Patterned tonefills like crosshatching or textures usually shrink down just fine.

Clio said...

Haha, yes sir Mr. Ryan Green sir. He'll probably appear pixellated there too ;)

Amy: I figured it out! A friend had posted info about this a long time ago and I fished it out. Convert to bitmap at 1200dpi, line 100 45 angle and the shape as round, or something. Works wonders. I did shade these grey, but I'm a sucker for the ziptone look =)

Skid said...

Hahaha....I love the gut on those guys.

Shadi said...

awesome, ms. clio. and your pieces for the la femme show... probably some of my favorites of yours so far!

Rupee said...

First of all I want to know if that fat punk with the skinny jeans was someone you saw in real life o-o Either way I love the drawing of him with a spatula. Also as one that followed Cascadia for a long time I'm almost sad to see the old version go. I understand that you want to make it the best you can though. I encourage you to keep a copy of the old pages though for yourself, cuz you did so much wonderful work for your old version. I especially loved the art in the wild west-esque chapter. I look forward to seeing the new version sometime :)

Clio said...

Thanks guys!

Rupee: He was working at a diner I was eating brunch at! The purple guy I saw in a mall. Cascadia will probably end up being some kind of hybrid of the two... this style is hard for me to draw!

kadianimate said...

*Cheers at the prospect of the return of Cascadia*

Love these! I wish I had the patience to actually stick with a project longer than ten pages or so, but I seem to have ADD when it comes to stories I want to do.

Gradshows this weekend! Coming?

Shadi said...

i just realized my comment above was meant for your "doe a deer" post below, not this one. :|

Clio said...

Haha, no worries, Shadi.

Sorry Kadi! I can't make it this year =( I'm sure you'll blow them away, though!! Good luck and remember to have fun =)

Mayte Aristondo said...

I've been up to date with your comic for a long while now and one of the things that drew me to it was the story and as the story progresses, your art progressed too...which drew me in even further. :D It's truly amazing seeing the improvement from page 1 to the latest. I've been working on my story for quite some time and like you, redrawing my characters and redesigning them. I agree with Ryan up above. I should follow his advice and stop noodling myself. XD Keep up the great artwork! Can't wait till Cascadia comes back online! Take care!

Nhat-Anh said...

I'm just glad you're still doing this project.

Some of the characters reminds me somewhat of a Disney Channel cartoon called Kim Possible =P. It's fine. I like the art, but I love the story. Looking forward to what's next.

Coz said...

TO be honest, I liked the faces of Karah and Jacob better in the previous style... well, mostly Jacob.

ArtsAngel said...

Looking great, Clio! I'm really excited for the relaunch of Cascadia... I'm sure it'll be spectacular.

DivaLea said...

Yay, you figured it out!
I feel like I never know my characters before I draw them. They never settle, DAMN THEM. Except for one. ONE.
Okay, TWO.
But the rest? BITCHES!