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Yoiy.  Part of quite an ambitious painting project.  I'll post the whole thing whenever I'm allowed to!


Cascadia doodlies again

I've realized that some of the super antagonists in the story are female @_O.... I don't know if that implies anything, heh.  But there are major good girls, too... they just never have as much fun.  Pixelated guy's head is someone that is too ugly.

Man, I've been re-writing so much of this, and drawing, drawing, drawing the characters over and over.  Still don't have a handle on these designs, but maybe with more practice.  They're getting a little closer to how I want the comic to look - more streamlined and modern.  Hey, does anyone know why screentones go haywire when you shrink down the image size?  Do you actually have to tone them at the size you're going to post them?

Anyway, it's already a lot more solid, story-wise (the first half anyway).  It starts with murder and not some pukey narration by an old guy.  

Finally, male soufflé:


Doe a Deer

Here are two pieces for Nucleus' Girl Show next month!  Prancing ungulate women.  Whoohoo!

I need to read more.

PS: Ehm...If you're wondering about the title of this page, it's because it was originally coupled with this image.


Fraught with disease

Hello world!  Been a while!  Last month was insane, what with pitches and scrambling to get some show pieces done (er... still doing this) on top of regular work.  Pitching was great fun - I wrote five and ended up submitting two, so here's hopin'.  It was good to stretch the dusty writing muscles a bit, and way more fun when it's not an essay.  I contracted some 72-hour flu that's thankfully on it's way out (except that now I'm awake at 4 in the morning....), and spent most of Friday watching X-files sideways on a bed of tissues.   Scully, you're way too hot for Mulder.

Power in Numbers 3 is next weekend!  Check it out, tonnes of art in Gallery Nucleus' newly revamped space (I saw it when it was just a large white echo-ey cave, it certainly looks hot right now), all going towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  My piece is the flowery one posted earlier.

Uh.... a website revamp happened, though I still can't quite figure out blogger's templates.  Man, the older I get the more lazy I am at cleaning up code.  Or using CSS.  The website was slap-dashed together in Dreamweaver and it is still the monstrous program I remember it being (was almost tempted to pull out the Windows for some good old fashioned Frontpage...).  The store's up for prints and books, and more shows are lined up (including Girl Show 2, which the top demon pic is for) that I'm pretty excited about.  

Sweetest anime ever video that got removed: Chi's Sweet Home!