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Leap year

Nomad sketch & redesigns of old characters.


Mr Scribbles said...

Awesome Clio. I love the color palette on the top pic. I'm also diggin' the lion dude.

kadianimate said...

i love the redesigns! And i love the palette in the top pic and the large bold shapes of colour for the background.

Howard Shum said...

Good stuff!

Motley said...

Oooo! I'm loving the redesigns :3

Can't wait to see more of Cascadia, sucks that it got hacked though, why would someone do that seriously.


Happy St David's Day ^__^

cmj said...

Wow that top picture is awesome Clio. Is if for a new comic? I really like the character designs too.

Clio said...

Oh totally! It's for a TV pitch but I really think it's home will be in graphic novel form.