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Leap year

Nomad sketch & redesigns of old characters.


Long-time ago story

Man, finally figured out this story that's been knocking about the brain since college.  It's not as happy-go-lucky as the images show here, but they just invaded all of a sudden.  What a relief to finally have an actual story to match up to the characters.  Also got another board sequence to my short film done, will post the first part here in a bit!

Watching Deathproof... it'd be nice to sit on a porch with a lukewarm storm raining down right about now.  Please be gone, winter!


A post for this day, the day of Valentine's.

This one's for the upcoming annual charity show at Gallery Nu-clee-us!  Tomorrow: DISCOUNT CHOCOLATE.



All work and no play make Clio go craji. Man, I was getting excited a little while ago 'cause I had all these ideas I wanted to draw? Now with a tiny bit of time devoted to finishing said pieces I don't feel like it at all. Where did you go, drawing mojo?  Come back!!

Oh, I got a new coat. It makes me look like a giant black creme puff.   No, I don't want any pie, thanks.  Happy Chinese New Year if you're doing that sort of thing!