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Man, sorry about the lack of posts - work has taken over lately!  But I have been going to the gym, and it's a great place for people-watching.  So many different body shapes and sizes all sweating, burning, stepping, crunching (muttering bloody murders....) towards some lofty goal.  I am one of those horribly uncoordinated people who can fall off of anything... like.... a mat.  I saw all of these people today, except for the fat guy.  He's from my imagination.

More drawings soon!


Eric Talbot said...

Is that a wrestling belt?

Amy said...

Man, it's so true. People-watching is one of the best benefits of a gym.

In Brooklyn I lived right next to a 24hr gym, so being a night owl I'd go there at like 1am. No one's there but truly hardcore peeps at THAT hour!

I'd be doing my pathetic 13 reps of 10 pound weights while totally ripped old men and young women would weightlift my bodyweight in front of my eyes.

The most remarkable person was this elderly chap (at least in his 60s) I'd see every once in a while. He had absolutely zero body fat, his skin was so tight to his arms you could see every string of his lean muscles. It was amazing.

Amy said...

Aw, well at least your eyes were spared from such an expanse of man-boob.

Put the marine-cut lesbian next to the woman doing her squats and it suddenly becomes hilarious. Something about the expressions :D

Great to see you back, Clio, missed ya!

Rupee said...

Oh god, I can't believe someone was actually wearing that flowery leotard over the spandex wet suit. Lord. I really really like your fat dude too. Awesome doodles :) I like the look on that woman's face who's doing a squat. That strained amount of hyper-normality from the yuppie aerobics class. Wonderful.

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

great characters, i really like all your drawings too

Clio said...

Haaaawwww.... I love all your Brooklyn stories, Amy =) I agree! Today I went to kickboxing...geez, these girls who looked chubbier than me and older people were doing fine, while I just didn't have the endurance for some of the moves. Didn't stop, but slowed down a lot.

Rupee: Actually, I got it wrong - she was wearing a neon pink spandex leotard over some very flowery other skin-tight thing. It was a little alarming for me, seeing it for the first time. The squatter is actually an instructor!

Military woman was in fact carrying some kind of wrestling belt... she took it into the bathroom with her, then slammed it onto the sink when she was washing her hands... her BO nearly overwhelmed everybody. She had on dark pink doc martens and the hairstyle was the beginning of a rat tail, or something.... she was pretty friendly, though, barking conversation at whoever listened.... ha ;D

cmj said...

You know speaking of exercise Clio, you should see some of the fanatics in my neighborhood. Now I'm not talking about a gym per say, I'm talking about those crazy morning joggers. I make my living doing carpentry (not laying carpet as most think) and do the webcomic stuff at night. This means I have to work sort of out in all the elements (since there's no power in newly constructed homes). So to make a long story short I walk outside one really cold morning, (about 20 degrees F) clothes all layered up and ready to face a cold day, only to see about three to four joggers pass by in shorts and maybe a long sleeve shirt at best, running by like it was nothing. Must be some sort of OCD.

Serapio Calm said...

Those people are funny. One time some big buff guy asked me to spot him, and I replied "NO, I'M BUSY." And he got all shocked and angry.
That's Hawt! Your funny Clio.

Dan Yu said...

What's up Clio?! The girl on the right looks scary..