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Home for the holidays???

My stupid flight this morning got cancelled and I STILL don't know whether the next one will be on or not. I also have to wait a stupid 40min to get an operator on the phone. Stupid winter!!! I'm probably not going to do this again.



Don't think I ever drew her! That movie was so purple.

Also I am a bit stressed out.



I kept thinking this was already posted, but I just drew it this morning.



Forgot what all my brushes and tool presets did so here is some practice to get back into digital drawing.


Hillcrest Park

Oh hey apparently I can post these! Here are screenshots from my show's little promo thing made at Studio B Productions. There's the possibility of video being posted if/once this finds a parent network, but until then just vague details. The project was animated in Flash (sometimes traditionally in the case of the monster), and everything was composited in Toon Boom's Digital Pro. I am quite proud of the very subtle colour changes to indicate danger - not entirely obvious but enough to move it out of the more friendly tone. I love crap like that ;P


Some Hitchcock Girls

Can't sleep birds will eat me (man was that a goofy movie or what?? It started out so promising too!) Sorry I totally butchered you, Ms. Kelly.

I'm kind of worried that listening to the real Sarah Palin will ruin all the thoroughly enjoyable farce. Nevermind. She's pretty hilarious on her own. The Canadian federal election is about as interesting as sour laundry.


old western

I am being lame and posting an old pic from last year because this blog is woefully neglected. The last month or so I've been working on a promo for my own show, which turned out great. I'm really happy with it however I'll never be able to post it online (boooo). Anyway, directing was a little stressful and I don't know how people do it if it's not on something they love (at least a little). Many many thanks to Jayson Thiessen for the guidance and wallowing in tiny-room nausea right alongside me for the whole thing. Here's a little promo image I had initially made for it; the characters look kind of different now:
We managed to retain that textured background look which is great, plus there's an abundant use of multi-plane camera to make the whole thing a little cooler.

Anyway, in other news I'll be starting as a story intern at Disney next month!! I'm SUPER excited about that and grateful too, since they got me hooked on this stuff in the first place. I'm also going to go and stalk all my idols.... muhahahhahaa. Ok, hopefully some new drawings soon, but I've been mostly packing and recovering from damage that month-long run of no sleep and bad take-out food did! Or maybe I'm just narcoleptic. Yeah that's probably it.

Ok! Can't wait to see all the Cali folks again! =D (It's just starting becoming bloody cold here too).


Sunday Stress-relief Sasquatch

He looks a little surprised to see you.

....or something.  Man, I'm beat.  It's been pretty crazy around here the last month or so, which explains the sad lack of posting.  I've been working in development, and in the middle of last week we decided to switch over to a new program to take advantage of its magical compositing qualities.  After making a test multi-plane pan I'd have to say it's looking effin' wicked and I'm excited about the project again (as opposed to using Flash and bashing my head against the wall repeatedly).

...Back to drawing mouth charts.

Totoro Forest Auction tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am PST. I dunno if I'll be able to go, argh... =(  Would love to see all the artwork in person!!


Cat... ladies.

More of 'em! Still working on that sphinx story....
Got this alternately gridded/blank journal thing in Portland, with some plants printed on the pages.  I love it!  Watercolours make the pages all wrinkly like those plain moleskins do.  Plus with the flowers it's like someone's started the sketch for you so there's less performance anxiety.  Also I ought to be camping right now.  But no, working. PoO-urns.
See below for WIPs!

"Shedding" WIP

Here is the original sketch for my Totoro piece (it took a lot of trials trying to come up with something interesting when I gave in and just drew the fluffy fox creature my subconscious wanted to), plus some darkish in-progress shots while I was painting it.  It went from light to dark, mostly - hadn't ever painted something without outlines before and it won't be my last!


Totoro Forest Project

Oh hey I can finally post about this!! This is my piece for the Totoro Forest Project auction to happen later in the year to benefit the Sayama Forest. Check out the website and all the amazing submissions from the other contributors!!  What a cute little website, eh?
*note: If you would like to repost this image, please feel free to, with a link pointing to the Totoro Forest website!

candy pink

Flash crashed. I drew this chick based on an enormously large woman with powder pink and cornsilk hair (both colours a little fried due to the peroxide but two of my favorites together). She was quite a sight to behold. I also saw some cute pink girl boxers so I threw those on her too.  Sometimes drawing those items that push your gluttonous consumerist buttons are satisfying enough (and easier on your wallet).  Like shoes and such.  You ever draw some food item that looks so good you just have to have it for dinner?  That tends to happen to me if I draw fancy hot dogs or noodles.  Whoa, tangent!
Shorts + Uggs = Ugh.
Some show development stuff!
Maybe I should go to bed. The symbols don't make sense anymore.  Sorry for the lameness, got no time fer nuthin' these days.


summer folk

I saw that.

They match!

I wonder if he fed the kids.


Squishy leetle animals.

How awesome was Kung Fu Panda? Such a cute movie, and it inspired me to try some animation. The 2D bookends were amazing, and I could easily watch two hours of it in that style. I haven't animated in a long time but it's fun if it's squishy animals. Would've liked to have cleaned this up and mimic the rendering in the movie, but it's not that great and there are a billion other things I have to do first. =( Sigh.

My favourite characters in the movie were definitely Shifu and Oogway (AND the duck dad). Oh man, the ears!  The tongue! The old man jitters! XD  I also liked how the Tigress didn't depend on size of mammaries or a certain shape to read as feminine (like... real animals!!! What a novel idea!), instead it was the way she stood or acted.  It can be done without giving the animal an hourglass figure and the ever-important seductive eyes!!

Oh yeah, here are some promo codes for if anyone is looking into getting some webspace.  They offer tonnes so you can split between friends.  I've been with them for four years and if you don't give them your credit card # for auto billing they're pretty all right. These are for a large chunk off of their 5 or 10-year plans (which are definitely more worthwhile than the shorter plans, given that digital storage is getting cheaper):
343066122510, 268896152685, 620940092395, 973522740663 or 836987490416.  They can only be used once so let me know if you use one of the codes.



Oh man, I can't wait to see this movie tonight!!  Here's some fanart already.  Actually, it was my test for a Leapfrog book that is probably out right about now... at your local Toys R' Us, apparently!  My parents and I had tried to look for it in Chapters but they don't carry Leapfrog books.  Before knowing this my dad picked the ugliest, most garish Panda spin-off he could find and said (not even kidding), "Hey look I found your book!"  Mom replied, "That's not it!"  Thanks for actually trying, mom!!  In any case, the test image is definitely more inspired than the actual cover.  *cough*  A friend and I saw some of this in storyboard form when we visited Dreamworks, and I'm really looking forward to how it turned out.  The boards were effin' amazing, too.  Can't wait!!


It's that time between spring and summer...

...with a lot of strange transitional clothing.  I'll have to animate Asian John Lasseter's walk someday.

OH HAY.  Here's my first Pucca Episode!!  It's a pretty bad quality camera-in-front-of-TV screen grab but thar it be.  On Youtube.



Man, there are way too many depressing forensic shows on TV.  Yesterday I was listening to Bones, then House (which is kind of blood and guts-y too), and watched part of a new show called Durham County.  It opened with brutal murders of two teenaged girls in the woods, and was filmed so creepily that I have now acquired my year's worth of Dark Mood.  The quietly whining electrical line sound they put throughout the show made me shut it off because I was about to go CRAZY.  I'll have to check out the whole thing later on.
What a bunch of downers!! To balance out the emo here is a fatty McFat unicorn.  And back to work now.
Le Day Job: The end is in sight!!  Edit: Some Blackcat action.  I think she is one of the very few superheroes to stay classic-looking.  Meaning she still wears a funny outfit.



Bleagh, taking a break from drawing vapid teenaged socialites.  Here are some ogres.  And pugs.  Oh my gosh, this pug with an afro was on a huuuuuge poster at a bus stop near work?  I missed a bus due to laughing at it for about five minutes.  God, I love pugs.  So ugly, so adorable.  And they know it.  
LOST was so freakin' awesome tonight too.


La Femme

Hey guys, Nucleus' La Femme opens this weekend, go check it out if you're in LA!  I've got these two pieces in there.
MAN I love Marguerite Sauvage.



Not much goin' on... just really, really busy until the end of the month when my job finishes!  Here are some sketches for a teen meme (gah), and below the full demon pic which I ended up not liking enough to do anything with, so it can be a space waster on the internets.  Teen meme!

Tried to rewrite Chapter 1 of Cascadia for the third time yesterday, but realized I don't have the characters' principals straight yet (there are now an extra two somewhat important secondary characters), but maybe after jolting awake last night at 3am I'd have thought of something (and remember it?  Yeah right).  My pillow is very uncomfortable.



Yoiy.  Part of quite an ambitious painting project.  I'll post the whole thing whenever I'm allowed to!


Cascadia doodlies again

I've realized that some of the super antagonists in the story are female @_O.... I don't know if that implies anything, heh.  But there are major good girls, too... they just never have as much fun.  Pixelated guy's head is someone that is too ugly.

Man, I've been re-writing so much of this, and drawing, drawing, drawing the characters over and over.  Still don't have a handle on these designs, but maybe with more practice.  They're getting a little closer to how I want the comic to look - more streamlined and modern.  Hey, does anyone know why screentones go haywire when you shrink down the image size?  Do you actually have to tone them at the size you're going to post them?

Anyway, it's already a lot more solid, story-wise (the first half anyway).  It starts with murder and not some pukey narration by an old guy.  

Finally, male soufflé: