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Ok jetlag, you win.

Gah, I've been up since 5 last evening.  At least I'm getting a lot of work done!  Long time no post. Just got back from Japan and Taipei, both incredibly colourful and overwhelming places.  It was so inspiring to see so many comics and illustrations used in everyday Tokyo, and Taipei, as usual, was a giant wonderful mess of noise and chaos (and pollution...oh boy, the pollution...).  My relatives are spawning adorable little things over there, and I met a new little niece I didn't even know about!   She's almost two and can play the harmonica!  Sorta!

Didn't draw as much as I would've liked due to the craziness of each day, but I did take a lot of photos as to process them in my mind later on.  Asia is full of very, very interesting looking people...I was always trying to sneak pictures of them, heh.  

Thanks a tonne to Jason, Ray, Dove at SCAD for letting me tag along!  It was great to have such good guides alongside.  And what a bunch of lucky students; getting to go to Tokyo for classes!

Ok....onwards with some pictures, yes?  I was gonna draw a set of images about Taipei, but only one of them really turned out ok.  Maybe later...

Watch out for a lot of cuh-razy fashion drawings in the near future...

This was SUCH a pig-out session.  L-R: Sharif, Shadi, me, Amy, Kazu, and Phil

On to photos!  



Also, photos of Japan from Kazmy and Shadi!  Thanks for the fun times, guys!  =)  Happy New Year to everyone in case I forget to draw something for '08.