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Girls and Tigers

....again! If it's not girls or tigers or girls and tigers it's some mish-mash of the two. I seem to be on some sort of Indian kick. I want to draw another paisley tiger. And maybe a paisley elephant. And some very detailed flora.

Those pants are so funny. Not much else to report... I updated my site a bit with board samples and a resume, started looking for work in the area so that I remain longer!


Chris Battle said...

Very intrigued by the top picture.... Will it be a painting....? A future FLIGHT piece...? Either way, I dig it!

Emmett said...

Nice to see that stuff on the website too.
It's like you're a professional...or something like that.

Martin Hsu said...

Hey! I like tigers and little girls, too!

Let's go get Indian!

Jocelan Thiessen said...

i like the doodles and website!
Good luck on storyboards but i think you don't need it!

kadianimate said...

Oh, the storyboards are fantasticccc!I love the scene where she's flying overhead, it really animates well.

Also, Indian art is gorgeous, especially when you do it. Damask would also be gorgeous as a pattern.

Nick Dellhall said...

Looks good as usual! *thumbs up*

Will Finn said...

quite cool! the storyboards are things of beauty!

are ths sphinx ones digital or paper (or a mix?)?

Ryan Green said...

I love the lighting in your storyboards. You have so many panels for some of those actions and camera moves that it appears almost fully animated as you scroll down. Finish off those 'tweens and let's see the full animation! ;)

Clio said...

Hey thanks guys!
Chris: It's just a run-o-the-mill illo. I'm colouring it!

Martin: Indian, YEAH! I'll give you a call!

Will: the sphinx are pencil sketches and photoshop greys on top of them.

Ryan: haha, I love that "animating" aspect of boards.

Stuart Livingston said...

What a beautiful sketch for the tiger! I love how full & bouncy your characters look.

LFW said...

These are rad, you are the best at what you do.

That is also one seriously curvy tiger, lol


your fan


Jeff Cook said...

mmmm Very organic, flowing, smoothness of characters.

potato farm girl said...

The Sphinx is scary. And hypercolor pants are cool! If you are still around, you should stop by!