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Comic-con and So Cal

Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of posts. I'm having a hell of a time settling into So Cal just because there are too many people I want to hang out with, and that the heat is seriously disrupting my sleep patterns. Comic-con was massive and insaner (how is that possible?) than the last time I went three years ago. So, as a result, it's taking me longer to recover. Going to Six Flags yesterday didn't help much - I had a fantastic time but my body is aching in protest, haha. It took so much energy just to crawl out of bed this morni...afternoon.

Well, if you poke about my Flickr page a bit you can see pictures of the roadtrip, comic-con (linked above), and the general hang-out quality here at studio Amzu's. It was great to see some people again at the con and meet new artists I've always admired....Paul Briggs, Martin Hsu, Brianne Drouhard, Bill Presing, Chris Sanders, Amy Mebberson, Steph Laberis, Scott Morse, Deanna Marsigliese, Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera, John Nevarez, Israel Sanchez, Richard Pose... man, sorry if I missed anyone, or missed them at the booth.... it was a little crazy at the Flight booth and there were times where I withdrew to the restroom and kind of fell asleep while washing my hands (or elsewhere in the restroom... where ever your thoughts find most amusing).

Getting used to a new place is hard, especially with the size and scope of LA. I've gotten horribly lost once, and it was dark at night. I'm also trying not to become too accustomed to anything because they take a lot of will to maintain. Whereas I'd just hop on the skytrain and buy my art supplies in tiny insignificant amounts in Vancouver, here I'd have to make all my decisions beforehand and get them all in one go, since the drive takes so long. Plus getting lost. And the heat. But naturally if I practice at it more it shouldn't be so bad.


sho said...

Hi Clio!
hope u had a good return home !
It was great bumping in to u with Jayson + Jocelyn (?) however briefly :)I was meaning to stop by flight booth to buy your book , but just wasnt able to get so far from the artist alley section...ya know how was it like....! keep me posted if you have any left and sell them online!
ps: do u have a myspace page ?

Martin Hsu said...

Welcome to So Cal my friend ;) Muahahahaha~!

Jocelan Thiessen said...

Oh man driving?? arghh i don't want to hear that. lallalalaaa...

Justin said...

does LA even have a transit system?

kadianimate said...

oh dear. i would be so screwed... I still get lost in Vancouverrr XD

Ack! what are you doing in SoCal? Freelance?

Zorilita said...

I didn't know you were over here in LA... Yeah it's harder than heck to get around and the parking is a nightmare too...especially in the LBC.

renaissance rebel said...

All the best wishes to you on your new living situation.