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Heeey, it's that time of year again! I'll be at the Flight/Nucleus booth #1128, which will have several copies of all of the Flights, as well as my sketchbook. I'm not entirely sure I can remember all the booth numbers of the people I want to visit, so you can bet on getting enough exercise just walking the miles and miles worth of art and comics. The sketchbook looks pretty all right, here are some pics I took of my one proof back when I was still in Vansterdam. The back cover is pretty funny, I think (it's a spread)... come by and take a look!

If you're not traveling yet and reading this, post your booth number!! See you there!


In a town called 'Buttonwillow'

...compromised of four gas stations, two restaurants, a plethora of fast food places, and cheap motels for chumps who are too tired to drive the two hours to LA.

We don't have Carl's Jr. in Canada....Probably because they drown everything in sauce.

Drove all the way from Roseburg, OR to Buttonwillow, CA today!! That's 664 miles!! And we did it less than Mapquest's appointed 10hrs. Crazy.


Pottermania in Portland

Powell Book's Potter block party! I couldn't stay to get a copy of the book. It's 2:46am and we drove through pitch black mountainous road to Roseburg (and baaaarely found a place to crash). It was like driving through space.


My one and only encounter with Transformers

Speaking of comics, Flight 4 is out next Tuesday! You can see a bit of my portion heah.


Now with 100% more MOON.

Chubby & Yoni are from the brain of Jayson Thiessen! Happy Canada day! Ratatouille was amazing, eh??