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June almost over??

Yikes, I can't believe the month is almost over and I only posted once. It seems (to me) like I had posted more. Anyway, here's a bit of a remedy to the situation! I've updated my website with a new format (with spiffy lightbox!) and some new art. "Biffany vs. The Frog People" I did to try and get back into painting (a little ambitious), and the lower one is for the Nucleus Ninja Show.

Helluvalot of things wrong with it, but I like that glaring splash of red on the frog.
Completely inspired by Rashomon. This turned out muddier than I would have liked, so maybe... if you squint really hard they look like forest. Speaking of painting, I'm moving to LA at the end of July for a few months to take some courses at LAAFA. I think it'll be great to discover some new ways of seeing and re-learn how to draw. Also, I want to meet the hundreds of you that are down there! Let me know if you're up for showing a Canadian your respite from the Californian sun, and where all you sketchcrawlers/groups are at. This looks super fun to attend, we don't have anything of the sort in Vancouver.

Anyhoo, the good thing about June ending? Ratatouille's out in four days!

Oh, I almost forgot. Here are some spots I did for Shojo Beat's July issue. Should be out about now. It's very candy-coloured.

They grafted their titles onto the books, which is why they're blank here. I haven't seen a print copy of it yet!


Another Giant Post of Doom

Hey all, here's a short I drew for part of the Marvel Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun Spectaculaaar (!!!!). It's pretty goofy and involves origami (my part) and vomit (another). It'll be out in July, and I'm told it's good summer reading for the beach or if you're tinkling in the ocean. I think you can pre-order it wherever you get your fix at.

I had never worked with a panel-format writing before. It was interesting but I had to fight the urge to draw every single movement. Sketchfolio is going ok.... somewhat... er... here's the cover:

Smidgens of two pieces for it: