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Pants are too tight dance

Vancouver, the land of Stupid Male Fashion. This guy's outfit was way too tight, and several of us were treated to a show as he squirmed around a pole on the skytrain. I don't think he had a messenger bag but a beat-up old grandpa briefcase like every good hipster has. Or maybe both. Anyway, we had to give him a wide berth as he was really swingin' around that thing. I wish stuff I made up was nearly as funny as real life. Thanks for the inspiration and lowering your sperm count, buddy!


I googled this cartoon kitty and thought of you...

Spacechicks! Chicks from space!

WIP. Not sure how I'm going to colour it, if at all. Does anyone born after the 1990's even know who these two are?

More sphynxy action. Actually, these are older than the ones previously posted, I just found them under my giant pile of paper rubbish at work.

A drawing for my pal Kean! He is a brave man and is tackling a graphic novel about this here giant purple reptile.