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Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of posts, been literally drowning in work the past two months! But hopefully a bit of breathing room's coming up so I can work on my own things. Until then, here is a pitiful post. This is a card I made for a friend of mine, with some re-used birdie designs.
BLAST FROM THE PAST. Here are drawings from 2002, when I used to painter6.1 everything. Gadzeus.

Notice that the top file is called "guardian." Man, so many elves.

Interest in bloodsuckers was still pretty strong.

Still a drawing I kind of like because of that kookaburra song. I'm sure it's the one that got me into animation school.

Ok, sorry for the lameness. New stuff soon! I'm going to force myself to set away some time for drawing.


martin wittig said...

Beautiful collection of work!

Amanda Grazini said...


I remember those!!
And I used to love your elves!
Well, I used to do a lot of elves myself too..haha!*blushes*
I remember your HP fanarts too,they were the nicest HP fanarts I found at the internet that time...*lol*

See ya!

Alina Chau said...

These are awesome!! NEATO!!

Karen said...

Really cool! The bird is super cute! Your style has certainly changed.

Chris Battle said...

Love the simplicity of that b-day card!

Kristina Bustamante said...

The bottom drawing of the bird is my favorite because it's cute, and the colors are so candy-like. The birthday card also has charm.

mo said...

Everything you do is so awesome! Thank for letting us see your growth!

potato farm girl said...

For old stuff, there are some wicked hair theories going on!

Lee-Roy said...

interesting seeing your older stuff. your style has changed quite a bit in four years or so. I like the new stuff a lot. Cute bday card!

Steve Simpson said...

very nice.
love the black hair!

Nick Dellhall said...

Hey! I don't get a bday card at all! :P *sniff* lol

Kelvin Law(羅應康) said...

OMG...I almost had a heart attack when saw gotta teach me the CG rendering skill