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watercolour sketches

I was feeling pretty bummed out last week so I bought some over-priced tea. My favourite was this lychee green tea - it tastes like what springtime might taste like. You can buy the tea HERE! Here are first and second attempts on it:
I also bought Playboy: 50 Years: The Cartoons, which was on sale at Oscar's art books. There are some amaaaaaazing watercolour pieces in it and it set me off on a painting frenzy. Thus the boob:
My favourites from the book are Jack Cole (uh... that's definitely not one of the best paintings he's done) and Erich Sokol. I love the no-line watercolours where it looks as if these shapes were effortlessly thrown into place, and yet aren't muddy or even bleeding into each other! Anyone have any tips? There's hardly any info on watercolouring that isn't flowers or still life, or, say, painting every single hair on some wolf. I'd imagine it takes a lot of experimenting and getting to know your paper and water. Anyway, the book is soooo nice. Check it out if you can.

Here's some lady and her kid (actually she had two, but she was clutching this one) spotted during lunch yesterday. I think that face a kid makes when they're about to go postal on you is the most funny yet horrifying sight ever. Their faces scrunch up into this terrible little old person's.

These were all painted with turbid water. END!


tailors & hobos & skunks

Inspired by A Fine Balance.

The girl in the middle panhandles around Burrard & Granville Skytrain stations. Blows smoke into your face while you walk by....
This is a drawing of a little blue stuffed skunk I bought from Jocelan. I loff eet! Check out her store here and you can take a squishy friend home with you too.Oh yeah here is also another doodle of the sphynx from some time ago. I should stop drawing her with this hair as it doesn't really suit the story.



Sorry guys, not a heck of a lot going on, drawing-wise, lately. I seem to be doing better with scribbly comics. Speaking of which, here's a preview of my comic for Flight 4.... (click the pic). Still sitting on it for a little while to let all the typos and mistakes surface before I hand it in.

Also! The main comic in my mini:

If you'd like a dead tree copy they are available here.

Anyhoo, the Stumptown comics festival was fantastic, and Portland is definitely best in Autumn. Got to meet up with some old friends and some new ones - take a look at some photos heah!