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Dim sum!

Argh, haven't been inspired to draw anything lately, so there's a lot of people-watching. Here's a bunch of doodles of my relatives rejecting some dim sum carts as they came around. With the way they reacted to some of them you'd think they were being offered poo or something. And I totally ganked some Asian-drawing style bits from Peter Sohn after his piece in Afterworks 2. It's a brilliant story and I haven't seen Asians not drawn super gimpy in a long time.

My aunt - the diva, as always.

Uncle Gene likes his Hawaiian shirts. Stop eating so much fat, Uncle Gene! You'll die.

This is supposed to be my dad but of course it looks nothing like him. Being a dim sum cart pusher, man - no respect.
Here's something I remember from the second grade - I had a good friend who was amazing at drawing, and she pretty much inspired me to go at it regularly. We were always figuring out stuff together, and the day I started drawing coloured pupils and highlights - wow... what a discovery that was - she made a point of calling them "deluxe eyes." Unfortunately I don't think she draws anymore, but she was really, really good.


friday topless swordfighting!!!!!!~!!!!!!111

And the aftermath, if you dare. Don't click if you're my mom.

Here are some alias sketchbook doodles... don't like the colouring tools on it, but I'm sure it'll get loads better in due time.