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Skydoll & Fireworks crowd

I still can't believe Heavy Metal printed this entire thing.

It was impossible to get on the buses after the fireworks. She got quite a haul. No one offered her a seat. =(

This got gross REAL fast.


back to skvetching

Some old guy on the skytrain - he was so stooped over! Poor guy must be staring at his lap everytime he walks.

Done while listening to Brenda Lee with that curdling sad voice of hers.

More sphynx sketches for a comic I wanna do. Too squishy in the one with her and the guy - she needs to look less like her chin got yanked out from underneath her (was drawing EVERYONE like that for awhile). My scanner is unwell and has been scanning things in strange lines more and more.

Y'know how dogs (or cats) splay themselves out on your kitchen tiles when it's too hot? That's always cracked me up.


Eurotrip Part Two

Heeeeey. Sorry this took so long! Here's part two.... There was a significant increase in downtime as the sun in Italy tried to burn my brain out.

Went to see "The Da Vinci Code" with Bannister and Derek. It was raining pretty hard that evening so we were smooshed together under my magic umbrella while everyone else blew smoke in our faces. They let us in about ten minutes before the movie started, and then there were about 40 minutes of ads. Chyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............. The code puzzle is pretty dumb. You just hold it up to a light and see through the thing. Bannister figured that one out!

Unhappy-looking people on the metro. I think it was the constant smell of urine and how people would slam their metal spring-seats up. It's really, really unpleasant being on the receiving end of a spring-chair slam. Parisians do a lot of nail-biting.

Card for Dylan, while waiting (very stoked) to see Marie Antoinette.

Very bored doodle page, and the fox that gave the card below...

Last day in Paris *sniff* Went to this really fun restaurant. Didn't have frog, but had foie gras. And escargot. Mmmmmmmmmmm........... FINALLY some good food in Paris - you can't get anything half-way decent for the 10-20euro range. Either get expensive fast food or go higher. So expensive fast food or groceries it usually was.

Drew this after viewing the Nimes Arena (the one that is most fully in-tact... it's only about half the height of the Roman one, though). Just plain silly, the long train ride and sun made me loopy.

Ok, from here on out what is spelt "Guigno" should be "Giugno" - June in Italian. I can't spell under any circumstances.

VENICE. *hearts all over the place* I love the Carnivale mask stores... they're such a blast of eye candy the first time you see them. Can't take a bad picture here. The gondola guys are all in stripes and straw hats... it's a tourist trap come true! Most gondola rowers didn't sing but they each had a unique warning that they sang or called out in repetition when turning tight corners. The water taxis just blasted. God, it's amazingly beautiful in Venice. Here, have an AVI. Wait! Have two.

Fruit mask - we didn't find one that wasn't made in China. Hurrr.

Sounds from my cousin's place, where we were staying. There was a party going on every night so you really couldn't sleep.

Alleyway in Verona.

Ok, there was this utterly amazing carving at the entrance to a park in Bologna... it was a woman with a hippocampus and an octopus. Later on I saw a fountain of Neptune's and the four winds were on there, pinching their breasts where four streams of water spurted forth. (there were other fountains where water had amusing sources but I can't remember them all now)

Had the most expensive gelato in the world in Firenze. Really caught off-guard on that one, grrrn........ Do not go to Perseo's gelato!!!!

My feet were pretty hurtin' by this point in time.

A church near the Roman forum at right, and my griping about the Vatican museum at left.

This is why I did not enjoy the Vatican.

Angels of Death everywhere, and some guards were being very rude to a couple of teenage girls wearing skull pendants. I don't think they were there with bad intentions, they just wanted to enter the prayer area. The guards were being annoying.

Here's a gladiator!

And here's a real modern-day one. The end!! That's it! I'm tired, so apologies for long-windedness and cranky. Off to work!

And for those who are curious, here's the stuff I hauled around:

I mostly used the watercolours because the gouache kept smudging and was not as washable. I also had a flat wash brush and white gel pen but they seem to have run off at the moment.


Biker Chix from Hell

Some biker ladies, hopefully for a show Jared Deal is headin' up about Shady Characters. It's kinda wonky and I'm so mad my mind is drawing up blanks. AGAIN. So much for the big inspirational trip! I want a dobercycle. Cerberus model. Ok back to work.


Happy Birthday to the best country in the world!

this was drawn right after I got back

After that big trip I think I can safely say it is. I also have little to no reason to gripe about the taxes anymore. I loves ya Canada! Don't you ever change.


This is for the annual lantern festival happening here in September. The bank kept wanting their logo bigger and bigger and not on the dark background... so... there you go. There's a poem that's supposed to go in the empty space. Goofy kids. I can't draw kids.