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Big giant Eurotrip post Partie Un.

Hello all! I'm back from spending two months in Europe (well, just London, France, and Italy) as an attempt to try to get back into drawing. What a place to pick for it - I was so greedy to look at things that it took a lot of effort to sit still in one place and actually draw something (damn you, Europe, why you so pretty??!). Nevertheless, here's the first half of the trip. It starts out pretty terrible but as the weather warmed and settled so did my patience. Pic heavy, o' course.

This was drawn on a very, very cramped British Airways ride.... economy class on Asian carriers is at LEAST a smidge larger than the European/North Americans ones... what gives, Brits?? We're smaller than you! Anyway, Pride and Prejudice (the fashion show version starting Kiera Knightly) was playing. The text is gone from this because I was being a whiny little pain, but it had a couple lines about how Mr. Darcy (he's all scowly...awww) and the costumes were making me giddy.

First glimpse of huuuuge marble statues was at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Life Drawin' heaven (or so I thought... until I got to the Louvre.... naw, V&A had comfy collapsible stools just for the purpose).

A bronze Indian statue at right and a lady I saw on the Underground at left.

The left is in a small village near Bath... the building was so crooked! The middle was heaving out like a beer gut and it slanted to one side. Very adorable. Sorry they're super messy... I'm no sketch crawler!


Gonna slip in a couple postcards for friends here and there.

A lot of pages look like this... with receipts and tickets and toilet slips. I don't know why I kept the baguette chain receipt... maybe to prove I've been there? France did not give any acknowledgement on my passport! I just waltzed into the country (with an orange of British origin).


*deep breath* LLLLLOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUVRE!!!!! The marble courts are amaaaazing (Tom Hanks passed by them briefly in the-movie-that-will-not-be-named). Vast, marbley spaces between statues... beautifully set-up. Uhm, pictures soon! But you can't really get a sense of the space just from those.

See notes.

Not inspired from the Moulin, but from the tonnes of metal shacks selling turn-of-the-century journals, prints, porn, novels, and other miscellaneous junk along the Seine.

Ok, I wanted to show everyone the dark chocolate shavings of goodness found in the cereal in France and Italy. Oh my gosh, it was so good. C'mon Kellog's, give us some love. The Italian Special K box was much more conservative... just had curves on them. None of this belly-button business.

From another Louvre visit (I got the Carte des Jeunes for 15euro, which lets 26-and-unders in for a year).

Kids in Paris are highly responsive to arty things... chatted with more than a few teenagers trying to get into that crazy Gobelins school, and while I was hiding in a nook drawing the centaur a class of kids swarmed over me to watch, giving me thumbs-up signs and asking that I draw them. They would make sure they got my attention before talking, no mumbling or shyness (not from a single one of them)! The kids here sheepishly peek at your paper and run off to recharge their courage or something.

Jardin du Luxembourg and the fountaine outside St. Sulpice (also featured in that terrible movie).

That's it for now! More soooon. (this jetlag is terrible)