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For Flight 4!

Hello! Sorry long time no post. I'm getting ready for a two-month vacation to Europe-land (if anyone has some general advice about travelling through England/France/Italy... y'know, how to not starve because of food prices, the usual, etc.), I'd love to hear it!). Anyway, here are two pages for Flight 4.... I'm gonna barrel through these when I get back. Second one's still in progress, obviously.

By the by, APE was fantastic! You guys can see some reports of this very pleasant event by Jen, Vera, and Erika. San Francisco is just too pretty for its own good and has too many great places to eat (with the help of some incredibly hospitable locals!). Ok.... need sleep.

The Vampire prints will be offered up when I get back! We're hoping Nucleus will be printing them for us on their super nice paper, plus they're just darn nice people.


The Boob

I lied. We're gonna have six prints, or at the very least, five. April...fools? This one's probably my favourite. Fat sucker, haha.



Hi guys! Sorry for not posting lately - things have been kinda crazy. Alternative Press Expo is happening next weekend; Jen, Vera, Erika, and I will all be there at the Flight/Nucleus booth. Krista and I have managed to make a set of four prints for it. We really wanted to go for that magic number six but it just wasn't happening. In any case, they'll be lovingly packaged into some nice blood red envelopes for you. We have baby girl vampires, lesbian vampires, a fashion victim vampire, and another one who has extreme doubts about his sexual prowess.

I'll also have a couple prints of Amazon ladies, sick people, and MORE vampires! Yay! So see you there if you can come out, if not we'll be sure to have some available online.

Thanks for visiting, you guys are awesome! There are too many great artists out there to keep track of! Honestly it takes me half a day to get through my links lately.....

Ok! Out to pick up a backpack, pay bills, and pick up prints. And buy groceries. It just never ends.

....until you die.

Also here are some Street Fighter pandas. Guile's copping a feel.