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Aaaauuugh. Ok. Not a lot of new stuff, but I'm going over to a friend's house and we're gonna watch some old kitschy horror movies, so expect some lesbo vampires and pretty counts. Anyway. Here's a painting of some creepy sphynx sisters, chiding their younger sister for not eating humans. It turned out slightly a disaster, but oh well.

Close-up of their faces. I kind of like the tall skinny one.
Also I wanted to share with you all this sunset that happened two days after the new year, and that I just got around to slapping together now. It's very pretty. Also it's the view from my place, complete with emo tagging font.


Cale Atkinson said...

I like the creepy sphynxes! They each look so bitter and angry about their stubborn little sister. Escpecially the fat one.
Keep up the great work!

BTW I may have to make my way down to the Cartoona Palooza to see such an event!Can I assume this is a fight to the death? Cause if so I hope to hear Klingon fighting music. I got 100 pesos on you!

Dan Yu said...

HAHA awesome!
I bet 5 bucks on Clio!

geenpool said...

just watch out!! Schmiddy feels no pain once drunk...and look out when he start's yelling "spinning side kick!" in a high pitch girlie voice. It's deadly. Good luck.

Schmiddy said...

har dee har har!!!
bring it!!
( insert rocky theme music and visuals of me dancing around with my fists in the air !!!)

potato farm girl said...

I love their eyes! You can so kick that guys ass! Did Canada explode? It's pretty, but the photo worries me...

the doodlers said...

Woah, Clio, from that photo composite it looks like you live in Italy with poplars n' stuff. Nice view!

The sphynx hags are neat. I like the blond one as well.

Jon Affolter said...

I'm putting everything i got on Clio the Destroyer. Who next... Tyson?

Cool Sphinxs's''. The skinny one looks like Nabie-ah.

Clio said...

It's a fight 'till whoever breaks their right hand first. A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH. *Bruce Lee wail*

the doodlers said...

Must we always fight? Guys! guys!!!

My money's on Clio. She looks like she means business.

Alan said...

Sweet images. Love the gal on the right!

cutesypoo said...

hey clio!
It's me jocelan from capp 2002..
I love your blog! gonna link ya on mine fer sure.
oh! and i wanted to get to cartoonapalooza 2 but
will try to make it to this one!
great poster!


PEPE said...

HEY CLIO!!!!! If i do get over to Vancouver we should definetly get a drawing jam going sometime!! And thanks for the kind words to Ewan for me!!

martin wittig said...

Clio! Nice work! Oh, I'm also puttin my money on you!!

Francisco said...

The creepy sphynxes looks great! very nice works.

all the best.

Kevin Dalton said...

so good!

i love it, what kinda medium?

Joanna said...

Hi, Clio:
It's Joanna from Cap.
Your art works are still amazing as always. The post is awesome
I saw your sunset photo and I love it; it has my birthday on it!

Clio said...

Hey Kevin: It's gouache.

Joanna: Hi! Glad to hear you alive. Happy super belated new year's birthday! It's two days before mine, hehe.

dizzlesauce said...

sweet poster ! good workz

Joanna said...

WOW!! Impressive view from your place! I really like your blog. Your cats are very interesting-looking.

Joanna said...

Wait... they're sphynxes! (oops, my bad...)