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Smokin' Genie

Sorry about the wrinkly paper... I can't seem to draw anything nice on expensive paper.

ALSO! Krista Huot and I are attempting (very much attempting) to make a small set of prints (about vampyres!) for APE. That may or may not go through depending on how horribly lazy I am. But let it be known in public for an extra nudge of sorts!



Aaaauuugh. Ok. Not a lot of new stuff, but I'm going over to a friend's house and we're gonna watch some old kitschy horror movies, so expect some lesbo vampires and pretty counts. Anyway. Here's a painting of some creepy sphynx sisters, chiding their younger sister for not eating humans. It turned out slightly a disaster, but oh well.

Close-up of their faces. I kind of like the tall skinny one.
Also I wanted to share with you all this sunset that happened two days after the new year, and that I just got around to slapping together now. It's very pretty. Also it's the view from my place, complete with emo tagging font.