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cp III wip two!

Ok, that's enough for tonight. I'm pooped. Blame Brett for the catch phrase. He's such a ham.


Clarke (Csnyde) said...

This is a great piece thats full to the brim with wonderful drawings of fun & lively characters you are cooking up Clio.

Though I must admit to preferring the loose and understated color combos you have going on in the rough version better than what I see here.

What exactly is this for if you can divulge? I'm intrigued.

Clio said...

Yeah I actually like the other colours too (and slap-dash application)! It's just that I use those kind of colours so much I thought I'd try something else... and a little more jungl-y with the greens. Hmmm....I'll ask the goonies at work what they think. It's for a monthly cartoon/music meet hosted by our studio, you can find more info here: Thanks for the input!

potato farm girl said...

This image is so much fun! Yay Clio!

Alessandro_PPG said...

Bacana o seu blog! Very nice!

martin wittig said...

Clio, this is just great!! Awesome characters, and great poses! I always love visiting your blog, and seeing such a high quality of work. Bravo!

J said...

Great stuff Clio. I dig the way you use paint.