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longest post ever

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of postings. Haven't been drawing too much and definitely not been scanning and cleaning up anything. Anyway, here's a bunch of random drawings! A huge thanks to the people who have been visiting, and the nice folks at Drawn! and Kazu at Flight for the plugs! Nothing like some internet peer-pressure. Am working very hard on trying to get back into some regular drawing.

This was for a giant Batgirl meme that was going around. Since I am a sheep, I drew her too!

For Michel Gagne, his very cute alien hero Zed.

Recently bought a Moleskine sketchbook to see what all that hullabaloo is about. I like that the book encourages messiness but it's not very water-friendly. Boo! However they're making a watercolour version soon (which would probably take a billion days to get to Canada). Anyway, it's a nice sketchbook for good penmanship which I do not have.

Coupla foxes - one of my favourite animals, haven't drawn them for ages.
A couple of 'taurs for the workplace's groupblog, Did you just call me a prick?!

Since this is the longest post ever, let's make it longer! Here are some links to my co-workers you should check out. They're all quite amazing if I do say so myself.

Ridd Sorensen
Jeff Agala
Kevin Schmid
Paul Watling
Justin Nichols

Pat Pakula
Garnet Syberg-Olsen
Tyler Schroeder (is overseas so I've never actually.. uh... met him)

and of course Atomic Cartoons and the Cartoonapalooza blogs are up and running as well! If you're local/close to Vansterdam you should definitely check out that second link there.

Phew. Ok, bedtime!


Sam said...

with such beautiful drawings the post could have been even longer !

bleupencil said...

Yay for long posts!
I love the taurs and the fish pics so much!

~Marc~ said...

Just thought I'd say that your drawings are WONDERFUL. 'Really love them. Thank you for sharing.

Dustmonk said...

ooh your batman meme is purdy.
heh your stuff is always nice, underwater music? :}

el bizarron said...

Zed walking on the flying fish is so cool. Where do you come up such awesome stuff? Will it be printed in the new issue of Zed?

ridd1 said...

clio that zed one is amazing. great composition!

Xeraux said...

Interesting you use a Moleskine sketchbook. My experience with them has been a wonderful mixed bag. I've used the weekly pocket diary for years (among their other notebooks I use for meeting records). It was a great format, a paragraph sized block for a day, until 2005 when then changed to a columnar format. It was absolutely un-usable. I think there was a collective corporate "whoops!" as Moleskine users lashed back in absolute rage. They changed it back for 2006. This company's consumer response is typically swift, so you may see your water-colour-friendly sketchbook sooner than you think.

martin wittig said...

Clio----I don't know what to say..I'm blown away. These are beautiful.Gret stuff!and please keep it comming!

Uncle Phil said...

awesome as always.

Tyler said...

Hey Clio, thanks for the plug!, I guess i'll have to actually post some stuff now. Fantastic stuff as always.

Jeff said...

Wow, you always blow me away... nice paintings! I love the Zed one. Thanks for the plug

Patrick Morgan said...

Great. You always impress. love the Manamanah.

the clownninja said...

beautiful work, i like the girls that checked you out and them centaurs

Serapio Calm said...

Stuff is lookin hot!

potato farm girl said...

Cows are amazing, inspiring animals! Very sweet and cute!

Clio said...

Thanks, guys. You're all swell!

el biz: it'll be on the back of Zed #8, from what I understand!

Potato girl: Holy! I love your stuff. Thanks for visiting!

Brad said...

Your Batgirl is super hot!

Goro said...

Yeah you've been away waaay too long! hehe but it was worth the wait! Neat drawings! Especially the first two!
Love your characters! Keep em comin'

Megan Ferguson said...

your skills with watercolors alwayws impress me. I love the results that you always get with them ! that last picture looks so classic , but with that modern style :) BAHHh they're all so cool , just listen to me gush.

Justin said...


St John Street said...

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave such kind words love the new post very inspiring work!!

Guru Mike said...

I love your work and everyone's work in Flight!

I'm so glad to hear about vol 3! I can't wait already!( Ok enought with the exclaimation points you get the idea)

I personally wade through throngs of sweaty nerds at the toronto comic con just to get your book. That is how much i love your work.

- Mike